Survivor winners

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Survivor winners

Post by ekeown » Wed Jan 28, 2004 9:14 pm

I thought this would be helpful to those of you with bad memories, or who didn't play Survivor when it first started. I'll update this thread after each game is finished

World Of Noise: Nervous and Weird
Sparkle & Fade: The Twistinside
So Much For The Afterglow: Amphetamine
Learning How To Smile: Learning How To Smile
Good Time For A Bad Attitude: Overwhelming
Slow Motion Daydream: A Beautiful Life
Welcome To The Drama Club: CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS

wildcard song: White Men In Black Suits
The wild card song is a previously voted off album song brought back by having the most votes in the wildcard round

Survivor Champion: The Twistinside

Everclear b-sides: The Swing
Covers by Everclear: American Girl - Tom Petty

04/23/2006: Well, after years of playing Everclear song survivor, we finally have all of our winners. So basically if you need to make an essential fan favorite album of Everclear songs this would be the track listing. I'd like to thank Copper for creating the game!

09/22/06: Updating this to add Welcome To The Drama Club Survivor game.
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