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Post by cien_bolas » Fri Oct 31, 2003 1:50 pm

Storm wrote:So, let's see - there's the Libertarian, Green, Independent (jerks), and Constitution parties..... Did I miss any?
My, that's when sometimes i do really respect you northamerican people. I doubt your government gives any money to their "political groups" so they can make themselves publicity and win some elections. Damn mexicans.

Here in mexico we have like 10-15 different "political groups", and our law says government MUST give every single party all the money they need to spend. Obviously, corruption makes every single movement in here, so most of the groups ask for millions and millions for their spendings, when they hardly spend the half they ask for.

That's why, from the 10-15 mexican political groups, almost 10 are unknown; they keep the money the government gives them rather than use it on publicity. Almost every year appears one or two more groups, when actually there are only 2-3 groups ruling our country.

That's what i hate from us mexicans: corruption.

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