Surviving Octobers, and Other Streams of Consciousness

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Post by cien_bolas » Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:12 am

I doubt i could be as strong as you have been until today, that is a terrible situation nobody would like others to experience, let alone experience it by yourself.

I would have NEVER imagined behind your smile i haven't seen and your kind eyes i have never looked at, lied such a painful experience... i'm sorry for your loss, there could be a thousand things i could tell you but i just feel they are off the time...

I'm glad you are happy now and i wish your future to be nothing but calm and satisfactory.

Be sure David won't ever be forgotten. I don't know why, but i suppose i should thank you for sharing this experience with all of us...

Have the nicest of days. =)

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Post by johnnypotsmoker69 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:10 pm

oh wow! SH this was touching, I could not imagine what you went through but to be cliche, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, :)

I couldn't agree more with what Vaughan said about Learning How to Smile, but for all its flaws, listening to Otis Redding and Thrift Store Chair over and over while looking up at the stars reminds me about college and all the fun times.*

Yes I am alive!! SH you still in hotlanta? I have a friend that swears he is ghetto and refers to it all the time. ha!

*I was under the influence of a couple of drugs while this happened,

Ps. I was surprised my username still worked!
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Post by stupid happy » Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:38 am

yep, still here in Atlanta! awesome to "see" you again, Johnny! :D

and thank you (Cien, too!) for the nice words. y'all are *very* sweet!
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