2006 Albums

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2006 Albums

Post by americanmovie234 » Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:16 pm

This is the new thread for all albums of 2006 non-everclear related.
Whenever you buy an album or anything like that listen to it and put up a review on here

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Post by Slowmotionfreefall » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:34 pm


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Post by the_laughing_world » Mon Feb 06, 2006 11:41 pm

just want to say....

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Post by chappy » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:11 pm

Since christmas I've bought...

Antigone Rising-From The Ground Up
This Cd is sold at starbucks, but i bought it off itunes. Isnt a 2006 release but it's fairly new. It's an all girl band, kinda lilith fair type shit. I saw them open for rich robinson in a small club in providence and they fuckin rocked. They are on Vh1 alot so you may have seen them. It's an ok cd, a few catchy tunes, but nothing rockin compared to their live show.

Walk the Line (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Again not a 2006 release but fairly recent, and it's getting a second wind with all the movie nominations. Great movie if you havent seen it. I have some Johnny cash cds, but i had to get this one cause i dig reece witherspoons voice, and jaoquin pheonix isnt to bad either. All catchy tunes if you've ever listened to cash. They are all pretty much the same bass line which can lead to some boredom (my roomate hates it) but lyrics are great and phoenix's voice is spot on cashes. Again very catchy tunes and if you've seen the movie you'll prob not get sick of it

Alvin Youngblood Hart- Motivational speaker
Probably not something that alot of people here would like. It's southern rockin blues. The guy is from memphis TN, i think, so all his songs are very blues driven. I'm not sure what else to say, I like the majority of the songs cause they are just hard rockin blues tunes.
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Post by HydrogenElf » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:29 pm

I got Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, "Rabbit Fur Coat" about a week ago. Such a gorgeous album.

And Belle & Sebastian have a new disc out in a couple weeks.. I'm excited about that one.
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Post by Eager To Please » Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:25 pm

the_laughing_world wrote:just want to say....

Well. I was beat to the punch. but for anybody whos interested in this album. check this shit out. im so fucking excited.

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Post by Stick Man » Sun Feb 12, 2006 1:23 pm

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
I finally bought a copy of DSotM, but I really haven't listened to it yet.

R.E.M. - In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003
I want to like R.E.M., but for some reason they don't click with me aside from a few songs.

blink-182 - blink-182
A lot better than I expected, and is becoming a favourite of mine.

Neil Young - Harvest
I bought this because I couldn't carry my dad's vinyl with me.

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Post by sdilley14 » Tue Feb 14, 2006 2:57 am

Recent albums I've purchased . . .

- The Starting Line - Based on a True Story
- The Starting Line - Make Yourself At Home
- The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It
- Alkaline Trio - Crimson
- Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning
- Sum 41 - Chuck
- Story of the Year - In The Wake of Determination

I'm too lazy to review each one, but I will say that I like them all. I've been on a Starting Line binge lately so I went out and bought three albums, and I'm pretty happy with them so far. Alkaline Trio just kicks ass...simple as that. The Sum 41 "Chuck" album was probably the most impressive album to me. Comparing it to their previous albums, it really kicks ass - heavier and more mature sounding than any of their previous releases IMO. And I've been a Story of the Year fan for a couple of years now. Although this album isn't quite up to snuff with their last album, it's still definately worth a listen.

Albums I'm looking forward to this year . . .

- Plus 44 (Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker's new band)
- Everclear (of course)
- Atreyu

I'm sure there are a few more awesome albums in the works that I'll buy but just can't think of at the moment.
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Post by Slowmotionfreefall » Sat Feb 25, 2006 7:32 pm

sergio mendes - timeless

buy this album, make a pina colada, and sit back!
i am amazed how well vintage bossa nova mixed with modern rap works so well!

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Post by Memphis Mafia » Sat Feb 25, 2006 8:12 pm

well i haven't heard them yet obviously but I believe both pearl jam and audioslave are looking at a june/may release time..

actually i will give a pre-emptive review - they are both very, very good

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Post by CaseyinKC » Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:40 pm

well, i just got jim cosgrove's stinky feet. what can i say? i like the pickle song.

curious, anybody pick up/listen to cuz's release from late last year, real fine place. whadaya think? tex?

i'm mixed. i of course love her & her voice whatever she does. i was really hoping for a barn-stormer. unfortunately, i didn't get it. (momma's night out is the closest you get). i was amazed when i read the liners and found out she & matt didn't write missin missouri. coalmine is just fun. these four walls is really sweet. i know that's how all those kids feel about their mom & she says she wrote it about lesley -- that's even better. anything that les & ash sing bvox on is always gonna be great. some combo of restless & 3 chords are still way up there on my album list, but this is sara & she'll always be golden in my eyes.

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Post by everguy » Mon Feb 27, 2006 3:28 pm

well i know that army of anyone should have something out this summer. scott weiland's got a solo cd coming out plus velvet revolver has a cd coming out.

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Post by Dylan » Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:03 am

Isobel Campbell/Mark Lanegan- Ballad of the Broken Sea

I got Drive-By Truckers' new record 'A Blessing and a Curse' on preorder for a week's time so they can brew me another dose of Southern hospitality.

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Post by Hard Love » Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:23 am

Best releases of 2006, in retrospect?

The Dresden Dolls 'Yes, Virginia"
Regina Spektors "Begin To Hope" (But lets face it, nothin' on previous albums)
The Grates 'Gravity Won't Get You High"
Sekiden's "Sound Instincts"

I Didn't think it was a great year for music. 2005 was awesome, though. Cept nbrisbane scene has finally bstarted flourishing (Maybe i just got older?)

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Post by Sea Change » Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:51 am

I think the only 3 albums of 2006 I picked up and truly enjoyed were....

Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood
Beck - The Information
Everclear - Welcome To The Drama Club

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