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Studio songs live

Post by clifornia_king » Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:07 pm

Time for a new topic. I was thinking today how good everclear is in the studio and how good they are live. The thing is though, many of the songs played live do not sound like the studio version much at all. Now this may be a good thing. We get new versions, more emotion, etc. It seems though after some time now some of the live versions are just as arranged in their own way. How cool would it be to maybe see some of these older songs now that they are true classics go back to their original sound both vocally and musically. One song that sticks out is LHTS. Art seems to play this solo most often and a little toned down. How great would it be to have the drum beat and the paced picked up, while still sounding full? Amy other songs out there like this? Hope you get what I mean...
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