Hard Rock Rocks the Riverwalk

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Hard Rock Rocks the Riverwalk

Post by yourstupidgame » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:34 pm

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Everclear played the Grand Re-Opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in San Antonio on Friday night. They built a huge stage in the parking lot across the street from the Hard Rock. It was a free show with Tim Halperin (former American Idol contestant) opening and All American Rejects Closing. I just happened to be listening to the pop radio station when they said call for VIP tickets, so I called and won! That entitled us to a Meet and Greet and access to the VIP area (but not the super VIP area inside the restaurant or back stage). The Meet and Greet turned out to just be photos with the bands (take the photo and get outta here!), but we were first in line and Art came up to us and we talked for a bit while the photographer was getting ready. I even took a pic of Art and Tyson from AAR on Tyson's phone that went on his Twitter account. After the fan photo session, Everclear and AAR did photos on the red carpet in front of the restaurant and gave some interviews.

The Everclear set was

Everything to Everyone
Father of Mine
Heroin Girl
Heartspark Dollarsign
Song from an American Movie pt 1
Brown Eyed Girl
Am Radio
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom
Santa Monica
I Will Buy You a New Life

There were a lot of people there! The news reported attendance of 5000! It was packed! I thought the crowd was pretty good - lots of singing along to the big hits and I spotted several real fans too. The crowd response was strong. I think Everclear is going to do very well on the Summerland Tour. Art again mentioned the Summerland Tour during the concert, which people seemed excited about. I wonder when the entire schedule is coming out. I think I heard Art tell someone it would be hitting Austin and maybe Houston. Tyson from AAR came out to sing with Art for I Will Buy You a New Life. Crowd went crazy! We stayed for the first two songs of All American Rejects and went home. Overall, it was a pretty cool free Everclear experience. Of course nothing out of the ordinary was played, but it was nice to see them on a big stage in front of an appreciative crowd.

These are not my videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIbqRreKQZA (Santa Monica)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy2pw2EVeGc (I Will Buy You a New Life)


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