3/25. Valley Forge, Pa

Anything and everything Everclear.

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3/25. Valley Forge, Pa

Post by kmk182 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:38 pm

Father of Mine
Hearts park $
Man Who Broke His Own Heart
White Men/Black Suits
American Movie 1
Btown Eyed Girl
Faraway Eyes
Am Radio
New Life

Herion Girl
Classic Rock Medley
Santa Monica

- first show of year
- Art said is Summerland this year but didn't mention bands
- stacey from American hi fi did drums

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Re: 3/25. Valley Forge, Pa

Post by clifornia_king » Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:34 pm

Pretty good set, though I am staring to want to see this change up a Bitcoin. Obviously, the hits will and should stay. Also, in a prefers world, they would play longer :). Knowing it is what it is, would like to see the Rock Medley go, and add two more EC songs. Maybe another newish one, like from Invisible Stars or BITNB,or a another classic non single, like Strawberry, Summerland, Sunflowers, Cali King, LHTS, FMS, OHW, Rockstar, Overwhelming, YMMFLAW. I know some are truly singles, but not as well known by the everyday listener. Also, would like to see a closer like Local God again.

Glad to hear Stacy is on drums - guy is a pro. Would love to see Hi Fi back on Summerland this year!
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