Want to buy things!

Missing one rare CD to complete your collection? Try to get what you need here.
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Hard Love
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Want to buy things!

Post by Hard Love » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:46 am

I don't mean ot be some newb just here for trading. I'm here to forum it up, really. However, upon seeing this section I nearly fainted.

Living in autralia I have acess to nothing except freaking kagaroos and killing heidi, so i can't help but do this so early. I don't even have a credit card, so no fabulous american ebay, only craptastic australian... (not that I don't love my country...)

Nervous and Wierd (I know your all looking for it too, but can't hurt to post my hopes...)
Live in Toronto (not available over here, and i've searched every local second hand, and some not very local too)
Colourfinger, but I'm not even going to imagine I have any hope there.

Live In Toronto I feel I might have some luck with though :)

Also- any lady cut shirts, in Aust. size 12 (i don't know what american sizes are but i do know thier wacky)? like any at all?

if you can help many thanks.

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stupid happy
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Post by stupid happy » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:23 pm

Hey there....

You might try Everclear's "official" Web site (www.everclearonline.com)...i think they'll have some EC gear for you. As for "Live from Toronto," if you do a search on Amazon.com, there are currently two copies of that CD -- one for just over $8 USD, and the other at $11 USD.

The other two, as you stated, are long-shots....

Anyway, see if any of your friends can front you their credit cards for your purchase. If not, just get some Australian cash changed over to US dollars, and send the money to them via snail-mail. If you would like me to help you, just shoot me a private message, and I'll try to help you out. (Keep in mind, though, that I am going on my honeymoon this week, and will not be coming back from Ireland until June 24th).
Stupid happy with everything....
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Hard Love
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Joined: Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:09 am
Location: Brisbane, Aust.

Post by Hard Love » Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:52 pm

Thank you for trying to help out. I'm pretty young, so credit cards are hard to come by. Anyway, I've cheaked everclearonline, and theres only one shirt there, and its new everclear with the 5 guys on it. Its better then nothing but still... I'll just keep scouring australian ebay. Someone had to have brought a shirt all those years ago when they came down....
Anyway, thanks :) The only one I really had any hope for was Live In Toronto. I got close to owning it once, but the bastard never sent it to me, even after i sent the payment. I hope hes a fugitive or in a coma or has some really good reason for not sending me that cd... :P
Thank you!

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