The Easy Hoes/Colorfinger/Shakin' Brave

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The Easy Hoes/Colorfinger/Shakin' Brave

Post by iamthecosmos » Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:47 am

Hey guys I'm thinking of selling or trading all of my pre everclear stuff if anyone is interested. I'll take a good cash offer or trade if you have something I might want. Here's the list.

1. The Easy Hoes-Tragic Songs Of Life (Vinyl)
When I got this it was still shrinkwrapped and it's only been played a few time and kept in very good shape.

2. Colorfinger-Deep In The Heart Of The Beast In The Sun (CD)
Still in very good shape, barely played while I've owned it and also stored well. Some light booklet wear and there is a cutout punch, but other than that in great shape.

3. Colorfinger-Promotional Demonstration E.P. (Tape)
Now I will admit, this has seen better days. I got it from an ex-girlfriend and she wasnt always the best caretaker of her things, but I've been good to it while I've had it.
But it is worth owning for the coolness factor and physically the tape is in good shape, but to hear it while playing, turn the audio way up.

4. Everclear-Nervous & Weird (7-inch Single)
Great Shape, Barely Been played.

Listen guys, I'm in the process of a move and I might take a while to get back to you but dont lose heart. And not to hype anything up, but I may have copies of the old Shindig Records catalog, and a Colorfinger poster lurking around here somewhere. If I can dig them out I'll post an update. Now I'm posting here instead of ebay because I want the chance to sell these to an actual fan. Plus if i can get something else I like rare instead I'd rather have that. I can also for a small fee make copies of other rarities like the art alexakis demography/Deep in Empty out demo, the A.D. Nation 7-inch, the other neverclear tracks, including Shakin' Brave, the Colorfinger show on KZSU and a handful of live Easy Hoes stuff if anybody missed it when it used to be posted online. If you need me to provide proof, I understand and will do my best to accomodate. Things might go quicker guys if you email me at or you can check my myspace at Look forward to hearing from ya!

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