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This FAQ was created by K. Hurst Frequently Asked Questions v1.7
This is the official FAQ for, the Everclear newsgroup on Usenet. This is not meant to be a FAQ on the band, just some tips to make your experience in the newsgroup a bit more enjoyable and answer some commonly asked questions. Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Section A: Information for new posters to Section B: Common questions regarding the band & releases Section C: Miscellaneous
Section A: Information for new posters to
A-01: I'm new to Usenet, anything important I need to know?
    If you're not familiar with netiquette, read up on it before posting.
A-02: It's kinda quiet here, where is everybody?
    A majority of Everclear conversation takes place on mailing lists or on the band's bulletin board. Don't expect lots of new posts each day; every once in awhile a good thread starts. Check out Yahoo Groups for mailing lists -- simply do a search for Everclear. Downtime, founded by Brett Paragow, is one of the more popular lists; it has over 400 members. The bulletin board on Everclear's official site is also a good place for conversation. You'll need to register for an account to be involved in either of these forums.
A-03: How do I quote?
    Quoting is an essential part of communication in the newsgroup. Please do it correctly. Simply precede the portion of the message you're replying to with a ">" or put quotation marks around it. wrote:
      > blahblahblahblahblaheverclear
      > blahblahblahblahblaheverclear
      Simply type your reply below. EverclearblahblahblahblahCapitolRecords
      possible BMG/EMI merger blahblahblahblahblah
    Separating your reply from the quoted text is also a good idea. Don't overquote; just include the the portion of the original post relevant to your reply. Be sure and include the correct email address of the person you're replying to.
A-04: What's top posting and should I do it?
    Top posting is typing your reply on top of the material you're quoting, like so:
      You type:
      That's awesome. wrote:
      > I just heard the band will be touring in Europe soon.
    Top posting doesn't make any sense if you think about it. Humans read from left to right, top to bottom. Top posting requires the reader to scroll down to first read what you're replying to, then scroll back up to read your reply. It's not the best way to communicate. Take the extra time and post your reply under the quoted text. You'll make people very happy.
A-05: Is it okay to post in HTML?
    Posting in HTML isn't a good idea, because most newsreaders don't recognize it. Your post will be displayed as normal text which means your message will be hidden in a bunch of HTML tags. Please configure your newsreader accordingly.
A-06: May I post a binary here?
    In a word: NO. Do not post binaries under any circumstances, even if you *think* they're smaller than a post. is not a binary newsgroup. If you have a file you would like us to see or hear, upload it and post a URL. Just don't post it to ameverclear. Thank you.
A-07: Where can I read old newsgroup posts?
    Google (formerly known as Deja) archives the posts made to Usenet. You can use Google to search through old posts to see what discussions you've missed. Note: Google hopes to make the complete Usenet archive (dating back to 1995) available in the next few months.
A-08: What's a troll?
    A troll is an individual with nothing better to do than invade a newsgroup and proceed to make everyone's newsgroup experience a living hell. The best way to get rid of troll is to ignore them; they will leave eventually. Replying to their posts will only prolong their stay.
A-09: Lurking? Who? Where?
    Someone who lurks reads the newsgroup without posting, or only posts on a rare ocassion.
A-10: What's crossposting and should I do it?
    Crossposting is posting the same message to more than one group. Never do this unless you're sure it has relevance to the other groups you post it to. When in doubt, post two seperate messages.
A-11: What are these abbreviations I keep seeing?
    You'll encounter many abbreviations on Usenet. The most common one you'll see in ameverclear is OT or off topic. This is used to note when a thread or post isn't related to Everclear. The other abbreviations you'll see are song titles. I Will Buy You a New Life becomes IWBYANL and so on.
A-12: Is there an official FAQ about Everclear somewhere?
    While it's not *official*,'s Everclear FAQ contains answers to many common questions about the band. The entire site is extremely comprehensive; spend some time there and expand your Everclear knowledge.
A-13: Are there any Everclear sites I should know about?
A-14: I'm looking for an MP3 of _put song title here_.
    This is a newsgroup, not an MP3 ripping service. Go out and buy the CD (that's assuming what you're looking for is in print) or try one of the various MP3 downloading utilities.
A-15: I'm looking for lyrics to _put song title here_.
    Try searching for sites with lyrics before making a post like this. The aforementioned includes a lyrics section for all albums and special sections for b-sides and covers.
Section B: Common questions regarding the band & releases
B-01: When does the new Everclear album come out?
    Everclear's fifth album, Songs From an American Movie Volume Two: Good Time For a Bad Attitude, was released November 21, 2000. The band plans to tour extensively for Volumes One and Two, then take a few years off.
B-02: When is Everclear touring?
    Current tour dates are always posted on the band's offical site. Check there first.
B-03: What happened to Scott Cuthbert, Everclear's first drummer?
    For several years, Scott's departure from Everclear in 1994 was attributed to his supposed violation of Art's "no drugs" policy. This rumor spread quickly among fans who have repeated it over the years. It is a rumor -- there is no truth to it whatsoever. Personality conflicts within the band led to Scott's dismissal.
    Scott has returned to his (pre-Everclear) career in music. He currently instructs the drum lines of Portland-area high schools and arranges music for Portland and Oregon State University's music departments.
B-04: Is there a list of all Everclear's albums/singles/songs somewhere?
B-05: Where can I get a copy of the Nervous and Weird EP?
    Since it's been out of print for many years, the answer is nowhere. When Everclear signed to Capitol, Tim/Kerr Records was asked to stop pressing the EP. Art has expressed disappointment with a track on the EP entitled Drunk Again. A possible rerelease has been mentioned for sometime in the future. For now, try trading for it. Copies occasionally pop up on Ebay; some have gone for as high as $180. It might seem a bit pricey, but the N&W EP is one of the most prized pieces of Everclear memorabilia.
Section C: Miscellaneous
C-01: Does the band read this newsgroup?
    They might. However, this is purely speculation.
C-02: How do I email the band? Do you know their email addresses?
    Art and Craig both have email accounts. Interested parties can contact Art at Keep in mind Art receives a huge amount of email each day; don't be disappointed if he doesn't reply.
C-03: Who made this newsgroup?
    No one actually "makes" a newsgroup; a group is proposed. Chris Blackburn made a proposal for the newsgroup before the White Lightning mailing list was closed. News servers began carrying the group in April of 1998.
C-04: What's "The Management"?
    In the words of Mike (milesaway8): "When people get out of line, someone has to be there to make fun of them, right? That someone is The Management."
C-05: Who are you?
    I'm a fan and regular on ameverclear.
C-06: Thank you-s
    Thanks to Eric Keown, L. Slade Martinenko, Brett Paragow, Mike Miles, Chris Blackburn, Craig Montoya.
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