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Covers of Everclear

Big thanks to Chris Blackburn, from White Lightning, for supplying me with a copy of Covered and Smiling: A White Lightning Tribute to Everclear

Anita Sonic Love by Stoneykirk

Annabella's Song by Will Buege and Joel Raabe

Chemical Smile by Pay With Fish
Pay with Fish is:
Brain Smith - Lead Guitar
Jay Machiela - Rhythm Guitar
Rhyan Hoover - Percussion
Harry Guillory - Bass

The Drama King (Demo) by George

Father Of Mine by Kirk Deamos

Fire Maple Song by Jeremy Smith

Fire Maple Song by Bryan Shaw and Joel Raabe

? (The Gay Bar Song) by Brett Paragow

Hateful by The Semitones
The Semitones are:
Sean Urban - Guitar, vocals
Emil Favila - Drums
Michael Favila - Background vocals
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Hateful by String Breaker
String Breaker is:
John Fletcher - Guitar, vocals
Adam Krayvo - Bass
Pat Fawcett - Drums

Hateful by H&H orchestra

Heartspark Dollarsign by Michael Favila
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Heroin Girl by Rock Haven:
Rock Haven is
Jeremy (SkinnyIndy) Fanders: All guitars, bass, and vocals
Joe Franks: drums

Heroin Girl by Dharma Sons
Dharma Sons are:
Rob Bayne - Guitar, vocals
Matt Dudek - Bass
Bill Warnick - Drums

Invisible by Chris Blackburn

Kill The Sun by Stoneykirk

Learning How To Smile by Timmah

My Sexual Life by Rock Haven:
Rock Haven is
Jeremy (SkinnyIndy) Fanders: All guitars, bass, and vocals
Joe Franks: drums

Overwhelming by Anthony

Overwhelming by Kyle (The Bellow Of A Baron)

Pennsylvania Is... by Jennie Church-Cooper

Santa Monica by Daine Lum and Melissa Terras

Santa Monica by Subsonic Sunshine
Subsonic Sunshine is:
Seth Bailey - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Cody Dawkins - Rhythm Guitar
Robert DeSandro - Bass
David Cowger - Drums

Santa Monica by Robert Jardine a.k.a Wibbles

Short Blonde Hair by Rock Haven:
Rock Haven is
Jeremy (SkinnyIndy) Fanders: All guitars, bass, and vocals
Joe Franks: drums

Sparkle by Brett Paragow

Sparkle (Lounger version) by Shekey

Strawberry by Jay Clemens

Strawberry by Brett Paragow

The Twistinside by Dead Bank Clerk
Dead Bank Clerk is:
Roy Matthews - Guitar, Programming, Production
Merideth Cristano - Bass, Vocals

Wonderful by Anthony

This comes from Jeremy Fanders:

Well, I am trying to spread the word out to everclear fans that my Everclear Tribute album is done and available now at

I am licenced to sell only 500 and they are all professionally done like any other store bought CD. I worked really hard on this project and hope alot of you will get a chance to hear it and enjoy it. thanks


If you or your band has covered an Everclear song or want to please contact me at ekeown AT hungryandhollow DOT com. I prefer the covers to be send to me in digital format (MP3, WAV, Real Audio, etc...) but I can take a hard copy (tape, CD, Mini-Disc, DAT, etc...) and convert it myself
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