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Don’t fall down now...
Don’t fall down now...
It feels so good inside your shadow (It's the place I need to be)
by Anne M.

Ok, so all this is my opinion, but just need to get it out! Don’t doubt that I love Everclear, I love hearing a song come on and recognizing Art’s voice immediately and singing along with all his “yeah’s, ah’s, ha’s”…etc. But, with a new album in the works, maybe it’s time for a little change. This is my suggestion: let Craig sing lead vocal on a few songs. Now this sounds kind of strange at first, but let me tell you why I think it’s a good idea.

First of all, Craig has an awesome voice and is a highly energetic performer. Think of the times we’ve seen him live singing Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love, AC/DC’s Sin City or David Bowie’s Suffergette City; even as recently as New Year’s Eve singing Quiet Riot’s Mental Health. Why not include a cover song with Craig on lead vocals? Besides….Led Zeppelin Rules!!! (Sorry, had to say that).

Secondly, some critics say that Everclear sounds the same on each album (to which I don’t agree), but let’s assume there’s some truth to that. What better way to present a different sound, than to have a different lead vocal, even if only on a couple songs? Or better yet, allow him sing a song he writes himself. I’d be interested in hearing what kind of song Craig might write. That could take the band to a whole new level. I also believe many other fans would agree with me on that. I know it’s not something that is typically done, but look at bands like The Beatles and Blink 182. Their success certainly never suffered because of having more than one lead singer.

Thirdly, because I want it!!! No, seriously, I think that a lot of fans would like to see this happen, and it could give Craig the exposure and confidence to branch out into a solo career. As much as we love Art (and you know you all do), and as much as we love Greg (and of course we all do, but face it, he’s going to busy with diapers!), we just have to have a special place in our hearts for Craig. Time for him to break out of the shadows!

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