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Don’t fall down now...
Don’t fall down now...
Everclear’s Downtime
by Anne M.

So, are you wondering what are the guys doing with their downtime this summer? Art’s been working on the album in LA and coming back to Portland to do Blackjack radio every Sunday night. Craig has been busy with the opening of his coffee shop here in Portland. And Greg is likely in LA planning for baby to arrive.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to Blackjack radio every Sunday; Art’s been doing this now since April. He’s covered such topics as teen drinking, all ages venues, various local political and social issues, school vouchers, pornography, and many other interesting topics that have randomly popped up each week. The show is 2 hours long on Sunday nights from 6-8pm on KNRK in Portland. The format is simple, he takes some calls, plays lesser known songs (including some Colorfinger), and a lot of punk rock and obscure music, and has guests on to talk about whatever that night’s topic is. He frequently describes the show as music, politics, and attitudes. Too bad it isn’t broadcast on the web anymore.

Last week was interesting because someone called in and wanted to talk about Everclear and Art said “I don’t want to talk about Everclear on this show, let’s talk off the air.” That was interesting considering that Art has been actually been saying a lot about Everclear on previous shows, such as saying the title of the new album will be “Slow Motion Daydream” and be released Oct 8th, with a tour to follow. And also revealed that their first concert this summer will be at the Portland Bite, over Labor Day weekend, and will be playing songs from the new album. He even plugged Craig’s coffee shop one week, but he said the wrong road for the location!

Speaking of Craig’s coffee shop, the Grand Opening was a few weeks ago. Coffee Cartel is a drive up coffee shop in Portland on Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy near 45th. It’s a small building with shake siding, set on a small piece of land with lots of grass and picnic tables, and there’s also parking and you can walk up and order coffee. You’re coffee will likely be made by Craig, his Mom (who introduced herself as “Craig’s Mom”), or his roommate. I’ve been there a few times, and it looks great, the coffee tastes great, and Craig’s Mom told me they are doing very well. So, if you find yourself in Portland, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by for some coffee!

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