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My experience with Fanatic

      On MTV's Fanatic, they pick one diehard fan, (who they say is the number one fan, but I'm VERY reluctant to take that title) and they chose an accomplice (a friend or family member) to help them surprise the fan. My story begins after doing numerous telephone interviews with Bobbie, a producer of the show, and making videos of myself, some of my stuff, my friends and family for MTV (I made 3 separate videos, 2 of myself and one of friends and family) and finally a few interviews with Bobbie's bosses. Fanatic surprised me at work on Tuesday June 2. My Mom was their accomplice (I would have rather taken a friend, or my girlfriend, but MTV picks the accomplice) they filmed me outside of my work with coworkers, then off in a limousine to the Airport, the whole time they had me talking about Everclear. They filmed me at the airport some, and our plane was delayed for 3 and a half-hours, so I didn't get in to Newark until after 3 am. Did some more filming all the way into the Hotel room.

      9:30 the next morning: Camera crew comes in, and films me some more. Limo to the hotel where the interview would be held (once again I was on camera) then into the hotel (more camera) prepped for the interview. When I walked into meet them they were all clapping for me saying congratulations and things like that. I introduced myself to them and started the interview. They were a lot of fun, Craig and Greg kept playing with each other and making faces, Art was a little more serious but still a joked around a bunch. During the interview they asked me if I was excited about the concert on Thursday. I told them that I was leaving that night, my flight was at 6. That's when Art turned to Meagan, a producer of the show and asked if MTV was really that cheap and only flew me out there just to do the interview, and that Everclear was offering me tickets for the sold out show. I could have died! After MTV agreed to let me stay for 2 more nights and change my plane tickets, Art threw in that he was including backstage passes, Craig added by saying yeah maybe I can come out on stage and sing a song. I told him not to offer that, because I'd gladly take them up on the offer. Craig laughed and said I could take his place, so I told him that he was irreplaceable. After the interview I the guys hung out a little bit, and Art shot something for MTV news, on the current state of rock & roll. I was talking with Craig and Greg (who my Mom thought was so sweet) The guys did a few autographs for me and made one for my Mom (which She thought was really sweet).

      At the concert in the VIP Lounge after Marcy Playground left the stage, Ben Stiller, Jeneane Garofalo, and two of their friends sat down in front of me. Being a fan of the two, I struck up a conversation with Ben. We started talking about Houston (where he filmed some of Reality Bites) and so he asked why I came all the way to NY. So I told him about Fanatic. He thought it was the coolest thing, so he turned around and told Janeane and the other 2 all about it. So then they all started asking my questions about it, like how I was picked, if I had fun, etc. About that time Everclear took the stage with the Santa Monica Acoustic (that's what they call it on the setlist) opening. At the beginning of SMFTA, Bonnie the Capital Records rep. waved for me to follow her backstage. Then Everclear's tour manager pointed me up the flight of stairs to the stage. I was so excited! When Greg saw me on stage he smiled and winked at me. Steven had a guitar problem and had to talk to the tech, so he said hi to me while he was back there. After SMFTA Greg, yelled hi to me then lead the group with "1, 2, You know what to do!" into YMMFLAW. During the song Art came over to Steven to duel guitars with him, and he smiled at me. I just thought it was really cool that they where acknowledging me on while on-stage. The coolest of all my greetings was during California King, when Craig came all the way from the other side of the stage to say hi to me. While he was playing he walked over and asked me if I was having a good time. I was just in awe of it! After the main set the band came back for the encore set, and right before Local God, Art waved for me to come out on stage, where Craig introduced me to the crowd. It was so cool. They did the normal Local God thing with the fans on stage. During the song I was dancing next to Art, and he reached over, grabbed me, and pulled me in to sing the chorus with him. I don't think I've said it enough yet, it was SO cool. A lot of the fans picked for Local Gods congratulated me as they left the stage, which was really nice.

      After the show, people came up to me asking me how I got on stage and stuff like that. I had a reporter ask to do an interview with me for an online Rock magazine (I think it Rock online) that was doing a story on Everclear, their fans, and the concert. He said he'd call this week. At the after show party Ben and Janeane came up to me and started congratulating me, they asked if I wanted to get them on camera with me and I was like YEAH! So they talked to me some more on camera and then Janeane gave me a big hug and kiss. I talked with Steven for a while, and then with Art. Unfortunately, because of stuff I had to do for the camera, and people coming up and talking to me about my luck, I didn't get to talk with Craig or Greg (poor me right?) Oh well, I'll live. The whole Fanatic experience just kept getting better and better. I'm glad I was lucky enough to get to live it!

This was taken from the online interview Art did for George Magazine on AOL (08/13/1998)
It's not that big of a deal, but I thought it was really cool.

Question: Did you enjoy the Fanatic experience on MTV? -interviewer
"Yeah, it was really cool. The kid and his mom were really sweet, and had a lot of love for each other. It was really emotional and a lot of fun." - Art Alexakis

an MP3 of Local God live, you can hear me in the chorus, also during the guitar solo, you can hear me give a shout out to White Lightning.

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