Being Thrown for a Loop on the Loop
by Gregory C. Hundemer

     I had to make a phone call. I went to the phone, picked up the receiver, and dialed. After ringing a few times, the person on the other end picked up. "Hello?" he said. "Yeah," I said. "Can speak to Art please?" "This is he," the person on the other end said. I ssumed he wasn't lying, and believed him. "Art," I said. "This is Greg." "Greg!" he said. "Ever since you got married, you've been all whipped. You ought to come down and play some drums with us." "Nah," I said. "I'm not Greg Eklund, you fool. The other guy you know named Greg." "Oh, okay," Art said. "What's up?" "Yeah," I said. "When I went to you concert, you didn't play 'Fire Maple Song' or 'Electra Made me Blind'. What's up with that?" "Oh, I don't
know," Art told me. "Listen, you want to get some pasta from the pasta shop?" "Nah," I said. "I'm trying to watch my figure. Carbohydrates are evil. How about Baskin obbins®?" "Sure," he said. So we arRI& JFIFddDucky<Adobedۄ       ę !1AQa"q2B#Rbr3႒C$4!1AQ"2aq# ?,/ JtVX}U}CI1uuñvfLFE+5p9v/axf_Px1>Y9 7kItgMDP&8*Uu%/[%rtmx!Ifq#Ӗ b E1YiBNA|웥涳8Éi(X4W~v^IwH½4<5SoHݝep9 >!! ,BuzI`IL@IZ{Ushh}*G, z*s-.QڂT~Fx=!!/Dmn'rl!j종+c&=|nN<4Ve (29KuVj荗φyĘ c!]AW !>#_u+ 9#`VF  W#ytB`4TiUq\iqEq*<=-`ge Hj@|@# k_HB^>XH7o1EeJ3?wq,m)4T`iwGZXi ^xp7;+;wkRb*rvHj7~_HhBo+{)mԽk$%,r9jφvn]/,nt,bIRtVzLlB? v5ġeh7ηVH`gaCq<8R۽6Zg#4c \NDk̒ƲFUԂ<a ebqP@|0$)IG|.(GA?#35fŮVܲxy!ܚ2Z>gHFwM駑vDAfd0^Ken߹ti "0wwU3kncM $mA N( /دZ]lEŻIҌvH6n֡@9CC 91Qq4nGfY4)# [ydr:6媵QMl|,gXqdqGsTzQ!(OJb wvD^Q,HQO1Snz-u%7/ o <5`Jjo3NxN?&r׉vKm"k' ^QݛȄ3Ɨ9§yC2K&M0ZݵAg,mʹgMsfr'_=hϻ3M˖$0$}7̶2SX8WqΫLi1]Bzx_4QKy,u+Q$ ev\B~Wts%iID#"ʼ񃰸:EμFݿlX̅]B5רaV|qrnPdposٷ+Iy9b>gLmY lL S;t0ޥ-*39rl3SxS9ro`tѴ5V`8 e翅tkfP2YΚLW%BBhA `X!x;sDJ,WEhjp%[ٻkek "\? 2*c?pecHxSMOJ_6'};Km+v"T=':WYQ[fJFj@s4z"67pX͑%)R~8ƻ:_Օ"NO8!=  E7IfG9CFcIɟѭ$Y"3X$h;O," FPi!0 #Cm.J ݁eKq0Xװ|-W[Hm ֧<,TcjKL_B"DAˆ )(B{:ڀ9S*ڬ6_^۽NL'`yl ..VT ot6ƞueoIWKkut`W q_2r1XϵlhEZg\؜#u:?.kkȭmጳƄ)\dt*B$eEZ?FXxL:^{얖R@bb+]"gG8+[YZv*k{BV=Iˉ>u:O?snC~m ͲL`k`7h/5@Bpkk&,u L2厡'3۪̽C@xߑ Wg 9-ӞY4ho)P#t hb+XGXb2Cg HAWI3VmJ$ԙTy_泩a#R fه 9Zɇ1.B6Fp, W 3D]"ψ96pCG[)3߸q˜l F(@q_g+yp;mq+۰ 2=@cb9{ک}s8S<S0mU"  f+ 8Hݏn貹IfS^ S!ݫE~ fM)TxO݉ҙ{ :u(CpzS En5_}GVPUr %ȷy7mtb`48QOfq|[s%c&Mխ@y>5g`+5ZWfXB=ۛHn۠eyDҴ6۳U͸lE Yu4ƍWԩh5m_KQcKo\hZ,u;2\ *da|9?!yeNZEn).(Pb.H A-1$9C/9+X(*: 4#0%UOI1x$6,|Xr%>lRwoYT1&:cq&Fy$Zr=ص$y7~ܶjƖe$[<O-2lr7_N-T1oP1,-

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