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Sounds Like Heaven

Sounds Like Heaven
by G. C. Gates

     Perhaps the reason Everclear appeals so much is that it combines great rock music with heartfelt lyrics. World of Noise was a sort of wake up call to the drugged out character, and although certain references are confusing, you can tell Art was singing about a painful chapter in his life. Sparkle and Fade was a recovery album, about Art’s life in San Francisco. It was autobiographical and, what I like to call the Santa Monica Set (Santa Monica, Summerland, and Strawberry), are not only hits, but are a major catharsis for Art. In fact Art’s favorite song by Everclear is Summerland. As Art wrote the lyrics for every song except for the covers and the Honeymoon Song, it would be easy for Art to put a lot of emotion in his songs. So Much for the Afterglow was less autobiographical and a bit bitchier about the world than the other albums. It represented a significant change in Everclear’s music, but again not its lyrics or its taste. Some of the songs are not autobiographical, but still all are heartfelt and moving. Perhaps I’ll be Hating You For Christmas is the most fervently powerful song on the album. Learning How to Smile closest cousin would be Colorfinger’s Deep in the Heart. It sounds not like country, but a sort of easy listen rock ‘n’ roll. Older folks can get into it, specifically AM Radio, maybe because it is about the era they grew up in. The entire album is heartfelt, and almost rather depressing because of the love it pushes. Yes, it is a divorce album, but still it is more loving than some other albums and songs that said ‘fuck off’ rather than, ‘can’t we work it out’. It is again hardly autobiographical but than again it Art means it. Maybe since this was supposed to be a solo album that might have given it the right touch. Good Time for a Bad Attitude sucked. In my opinion, only Song From an American Move Part 2 was decent it was heartfelt, as a few others were, and I also liked the music. The entire album stank of too much pop and bad rock ‘n’ roll, and it was only slightly autobiographical. Art is the little brother and he doesn’t have a friend ‘Spike’. Rockstar is just another change in the rock of Everclear, but it is plain confusing and a little bit lame. El Distortdo de Melodica (Yeah, I know I misspelled that) is better then Halloween Americana just because I said so. It has nothing to do with that devilish laugh mixed into the song. The best little bit of Art’s past on the album is the reference to ‘when the bed’s on fire’. For those of you that know Art’s past, listen to When it All Goes Wrong Again and you’ll know what I mean. NEXT TIME: You’ll get something

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