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Sounds Like Heaven

Sounds Like Heaven

by G. C. Gates

NOTICE: This is intentionally satirical. Try to laugh at it please.

     Now the “Long Lost Out of my Depth Video” by Alexandra Woods (which can be found in Hungry and Hollow’s Columns section), had the idea right. Art Alexakis has let his own success go to his head. His near domination of Good Time for a Bad Additude is one of the best examples of what happens when Art is let to show off his ego. Yes, his tastes might be maturing, but are they getting crappier as they age? Almost like rotting diapers? As I said in my previous column, most of the songs stink on that album and Babytalk isn’t even autobiographical or near it. Most of Art’s songs (he wrote all but a few of the songs) are slightly autobiographical if not completely. We should consider it a miracle that Honeymoon song was put on the love album, Learning how to Smile. I would bet you that Craig and Greg are about ready to smash Art’s head in bringing him back down to his depth. Real fans know of the Disas-tour in Australia. The band almost broke up because of a few bad nights and tension between Art and Craig. We won’t really know if Everclear is in trouble until they break up, because MTV won’t announce for ANY group (yes even N’Sync [N’Suck]) that they are in turmoil. Our only warning will be Craig and Greg’s reach for their guns. If Everclear is in trouble, it may soon be. Everyone knows that solo albums happen when a band breaks up or are on their way to do so. But in our band’s case, possibly three albums may have been solo albums. Is Songs From an American Movie: Part 3 due? Next Week: The first album review! I'm thinking of So Much for the Afterglow, but I will take requests. E-mail me with your request at

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