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Sounds Like Heaven

Sounds Like Heaven
Songs From an American Move Volume 2: Good Time For a Bad Attitude
by G. C. Gates

     I have deiced to review Songs From an American Move Volume 2: Good Time For a Bad Attitude. I don’t like this album as I do the others, but everyone has to have a least favorite. In terms of Old-School Everclear, it wasn’t old school. They were trying something new, so good for them! All Fucked Up is kind of self-explanatory. I equate it to stream of consciousness style in writing. In terms of seventies and eighties rock and roll, it was a great reincarnation of it. Personally, I feel that the pseudo-guitar solos, and also a few other songs almost ruined Slide. On the other hand it does have a great part about the second time he says ‘all blown out’. I love that song. Just like in Santa Monica Art’s voice blends right into the guitar. Rockstar was great, and a perfect mesh of Art’s influences and Everclear, but it may have given Everclear not the right kind of attention. I mean, that was a really bad movie even thought whenever I hear it when I’m not expecting it, I’m pleasantly surprised. Babytalk was not autobiographical and is complete garbage. If Art wanted to make a statement about lovey-dovey couples, he should just say it. And not in a song either. Boy, I sure do sound like I’m the god of music right now. Song from an American Move Pt. 2, was a great song, no doubt about it. You can tell it must be hard for Art to sing that song. I would have to say that it would be wrong for someone to cover that song. Good Witch of the North is something I took lines from to ask my girlfriend out. How’s that for a complement? I really liked that song; all relationships have a moment like that in them. In all, that wasn’t a bad album, I was just disappointed and pissed off. Next Time: B-Sides and Covers review (the stuff I really like). Remember, do e-mail me at

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