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Sounds Like Heaven

Sounds Like Heaven
Sharing with Jeremy
by G. C. Gates

     Everclear is my favorite band. Listening to their songs and letting them numb my mind in times of pain have kept me down to Earth, or if you would excuse my being cliché, kept me in my depth. I have listened to almost every song Everclear has recorded and became overpowered by emotion. I have a deep personal connection with these songs and don’t want anyone else to hear them. I would be fine if I only had my albums and no one else had heard of them. I almost feel repulsed that there are people out there who like MY BAND! And would be so mean to me as to make their own website that gave me important information about this thing I love so much. The nerve of these people, who heard of making a tribute to something you love? Unless you are mentally incapable of understanding sarcasm, as many of you are, one can tell I am being sarcastic. But the truth is I hate sharing my band. I wish I was Art Alexakis. I wish that only us fans who listen to the entire album would get Slow Motion Daydream. I don’t think that regular assholes that liked IWBYANL or Father of Mine and bought SMFTA deserve to hear SMD. I have a big connection with Volvo Driving Soccer Mom and I will be very upset if I ever hear it on the radio or know the person I connect it with has heard the song. I also think that the only college radio stations that actually play music their DJs choose (like KCRW is where else but Santa Monica) should be allowed to play music. I hate hearing my band on MTV, VH-1 (although it is less evil than MTV), and stations like Star-98.7. Yes I do live in Southern California and I hate most people that live here because they are stupid. If you are a (I’m quoting, kind of) blonde, bland, republican (by the way I’m not knocking on conservatives, just the ex-porn stars) that is shallow, stupid, drive an SUV, and like bands such as Yellowcard or New Found Glory you should not be listing to Everclear. By my very nature I cannot like you (I’m bitter, cynical, and jaded you see) and you are of no worth to me. But I am very glad there was someone named Jeremy Cooper to tell me that there was an album called World of Noise, that wasn’t a website for TV dinners, and for giving me those great live CDs. So I guess this is my way of trying to be an Überfan. Those of you that hate me and wish to kill me, my home address can be gotten through written submissions at

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