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Just Platinum?

by Aaron Nevins

    I want to start off this column by saying I am a huge Everclear fan. They are my favorite band and also, in my opinion, the best band ever! I am probably not as big of a fan as some of these webmasters making these sites,or the fans who know Art and go to every show, but I am a big enough fan to know they need to be more widely known, and even better, liked.

     I know platinum is a great certificate, and Gold is too. But, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think that Everclear deserves more than double platinum. And that was only on one album! One of the others was just platinum and the other was gold. That means two Everclear albums haven’t even gone Gold or Platinum! Look at all those cookie monster bands and boy bands out there that aren’t even writing their own lyrics and getting millions of dollars for nothing. I think that really sucks because Everclear albums are much more than platinum to me, some are diamond. But they could at least be Multi-Platinum.

     It seems that this new album coming out is going to sell more,just because the time it’s being released is not a time where N’sync and all those other bands are coming out. Another reason why I think it will sell more is because Art's doing a pretty good job promoting it. But at this point, it would be great if the album went ulti-Platinum, but I don't care as much because I can't wait to hear the studio recording of Volvo Driving Soccer Mom, and a bunch of the other new songs.

     One thing that I want to say is, Don’t get me wrong, double platinum is a great achievement, but it just seems like they’re worth more. But it doesn’t seem to bother Art, another great thing about this band. After all, he’s been through just about everything in his 40-year life. I just hope he keeps on writing great music and that more people see how great Everclear is.

     So All in all, it's a great thing that Everclear can say "Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum Band" (Multi-Platinum because they have been platinum more than twice).They really deserve it. And even if they aren't the greatest band ever (Well, at least according to critics!), they'll still be my favorite!

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