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NYeC Vol 2 - 27 March 2001

NYeC Vol 2 - 27 March 2001
- Good Time For An Old Album? -
by Ken Hansen

     I love Everclear. They've held the top spot in my music life for a few years now. I have the albums, I have the bootlegs, I have the posters, I have the stickers, I have the autographs, I have the pictures with the band, but what I need is something to look forward to. Learning How To Smile didn't exactly do it for me. It was a bit too on the edge of the Everclear boundaries, and I haven't listened to it in at least 6 months. It had some good songs: "Here We Go Again", "AM Radio" "Otis Redding" "Unemployed Boyfriend" "Wonderful," but it didn't really hit where Everclear always has. Good Time For A Bad Attitude was two steps back in the right direction, and it had some more Everclear-esqe songs with "When It All Goes Wrong Again," "Out Of My Depth," and "Song From An American Movie pt. 2," but it just didn't seem to all come together right. It had some dead spots that just took away from the album as a whole to me including "Babytalk" which I just can't get used to, and songs which I'm not always into like "Short Blonde Hair" and "Good Witch of the North." Those two songs are both good songs, but they don't fit in with the rest. All this in mind, I wonder what is in store for the future. The next album will be the 6th full length album, and I don't know how many unexplored possibilities are left. For most bands that stick around they have the rise to the peak, stay there, and then the quick drop with the decline in material. I feel Everclear hit that peak with So Much For the Afterglow, and managed to stay up there with the 2 albums this year, but I'm curious as to whether they'll be able to stay there, hopefully improve their standing to a new high, or if they'll start that sad downward slope to a breakup that will cause but a ripple in the entertainment world.

     In looking at some other bands that are becoming and remaining big names in the music scene I see some similarities to Everclear. Incubus - Their album Make Yourself I think is one of the best CDs I own. They released some early recordings when they were just starting out, what could be equivalent to World of Noise, a strong second album in S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and a breakthrough third album. The 4th album is being recorded, and I'm eager to see if they will be able to rise above the standards they set for themselves with Make Yourself. Radiohead - I feel Radiohead climaxed with OK Computer. Kid A was just too out there, it was something they wanted to do, but they are the type of band that can make that experimental record, and then come back with something totally earth shattering. Their 5th album Amnesiac is due out this spring, and is from the same recording sessions as Kid A, apparently it somewhat goes hand in hand with it. You can't help but link that to Everclear. Both bands 4th albums were somewhat experimental, and the 5th album got more back to their type of music and went hand in hand with album #4. I can only hope that both of them can wow the public with album #6.

     In hindsight, all is not lost. The band did something they wanted to do with these past two albums, and it's their lives, so I hope they enjoy themselves. Good Time For A Bad Attitude is a keeper in my heart, and maybe someday I'll get used to "Babytalk," but as for now, nothing can replace the sounds of Sparkle and Fade or So Much For the Afterglow, because we all have those times where we need an old album.

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