Greatest Hits

I've been getting a lot of request for information on the upcoming Everclear greatest hits album. Up until now, aside from Art stating that the unreleased song Glorious and an unnamed cover will appear on the album, the details have been pretty sparse. My sources have finally come through with the full details. The greatest hits CD, entitled Glorious: The Very Best of Everclear, will be available as both a single disc and a limited edition package that includes a bonus CD of rare b-sides, covers, and live tracks. In addition to music Glorious: TVBoE is an enhanced CD that contains multimedia content. Following in the steps of P.O.D.'s Payable on Death album, Alexakis and Co. will be including a near state of the art Everclear video game in the multimedia content.

In the yet to be titled game, the player will control Art Alexakis as he tries to make it to an Everclear show on time all the while avoiding booby traps, disgruntle concert promoters, and groupies. Along the way Craig and Greg will help Art by giving him Gatorade for energy and Vernor's root beer for special power ups. From what I have been told, the game will rival Journey's Escape video game in quality and brilliance, and "totally blows away Aerosmith's Revolution X and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!" When asked how it compares to C+C Music Factory, INXS, Kris Kross and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's Make My Video video games my source stated "those don't count since they aren't games per say. All you did make a music video using a set music track, and a few pre-made video clips, and I don't consider that a game. I mean they didn't even allow you to insert a star wipe!" I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that this game lives up to the hype.

The unreleased cover included on Glorious: TVBoE has to be the biggest surprise about the CD. There had been some whispers in the Everclear community that the cover would be a studio recording of Cheap Trick's Surrender, the well known about yet unreleased cover of John Lennon's Instant Karma, or even a new Everclear version of a Colorfinger song. I for one was VERY surprised to learn that the cover is in fact of Juice Newton's classic Angel of the Morning. When asked to comment my source stated "let's just say that it's the balls to the wall rocking version of Angel of the Morning." With all the passion and emotion found in the original version of Angel of The Morning, I can wait to hear Everclear's take.

Tentatively, the possible track list for Glorious: TVBoE is:

Fire Maple Song
Heroin Girl
Santa Monica
Heartspark Dollarsign
Local God
Everything to Everyone
I Will Buy You A New Life
One Hit Wonder
The Honeymoon Song
AM Radio
When It All Goes Wrong
Baby Talk
Rock Star
Volvo Driving Soccer Mom
Angel of the Morning (Juice Newton cover)

No word yet on what the bonus CD in the limited edition version of Glorious: TVBoE will or will not include but as I stated before expect alternate versions of songs, b-sides, covers, a few live tracks, and possibly an unreleased song or two.

OK! You are either reading my source code, have very good eyesight, or have done the smart thing and copied this text into some form of a text editor. Anyways, now that you've read my column blah blah blah….this part always stay the same…blah blah blah.



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