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Heartspark Dollarsign

My Sexual Life

For this week's MP3(s) of the Whenever, we'll take a listen to 2 great songs from "Sparkle & Fade", "Heartspark Dollarsign" and "My Sexual Life". In this particular rendition of "Heartspark Dollarsign", Craig's backing vocals are quite audible which makes for an interesting performance. It's one of my favorite renditions of the song. It was performed on 12/6/97, in Universal City, CA. Also, take a listen to this awesome version of a song I can't get enough of, "My Sexual Life" which was performed on 11/28/97, in Portland, OR.

MP3s and description provided by Alex Lousos, AKA Colorfinger

Recorded live in concert June 4, 1998 in New York City, NY at the Roseland You can hear me in the chorus.  Also during the guitar solo, you can easily hear me give a shout out to the Everclear mailing list White Lightning.  This MP3 will always stay posted on the site since I'm singing in it with the band. - Eric


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